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David McNeely5/12/2024
Qualification of Elders
David McNeely5/5/2024
Titus: Introduction
David McNeely4/28/2024
What Does a Witness Say?
Todd Veleber4/21/2024
What Does a Witness Do?
David McNeely4/14/2024
Make Disciples: S8E6- First Impressions Team
Dan Roeber4/12/2024
What Is a Witness?
David McNeely4/7/2024
Easter 2024
David McNeely3/31/2024
Make Disciples: S8E5- Service- Northside Community Center
Dan Roeber3/28/2024
Palm Sunday 2024
David McNeely3/24/2024
Make Disciples: S8E4: Service- Worship and Arts
Dan Roeber +13/21/2024